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Learn about DragonBox - our philosophy and how we got to where we are today.

DragonBox Method
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The DragonBox Method is not a simple translation of traditional learning methods to a digital medium, it is harnessing the power of digital tools to create a new, deeper learning experience. We believe that children should be actively engaged in their learning process because they are, by nature, curious and inquisitive.  They begin learning the world around them instinctively through play and experimentation (trial and error).  The DragonBox Method taps into this innate ability to explore their universe through play to provide an easier, richer educational experience for any student.

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Our History

In 2016, DragonBox turned 5 years old! Discover the steps that brought us to where we are today.

June 2011

High school math teacher Jean-Baptiste Huynh and game developer Patrick Marchal meet for the first time.

July 2011

Work on early prototypes for an algebra game starts.

April 2012

DragonBox is established in Oslo with investments from Opera alumni John Von Tetchner and Rolf Assev.

May 2012

The algebra game DragonBox (later DragonBox Algebra 5+) is released.

April 2013

DragonBox Algebra 12+, a more advanced version of the game, is released.

June 2013

The first Algebra Challenge is launched in partnership with Center for Game Science at the University of Washington in the US.

January 2014

36,110 students solve 7.7 million equations in the Norway Algebra Challenge.

May 2014

DragonBox Elements, a geometry game based on Euclid’s Elements, is released.

August 2015

DragonBox Algebra and DragonBox Elements enter all classrooms in Uruguay as part of the Ceibal 1:1 Device Project. 

November 2015

DragonBox Numbers, a game designed to help kids between 4 and 8 build a strong number sense.

December 2015

Partnership with Norwegian publisher Aschehoug begins. DragonBox School - a solution for classrooms - begins development.

September 2016

DragonBox School begins pilot testing in first grade classrooms in Skedsmo County, Norway.

November 2016

DragonBox BIG Numbers, a resource management game that teaches long addition and subtraction, is released.

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Contact Us

DragonBox is an international company that is split between France and Norway. See how you can get in touch:

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WeWantToKnow AS
Henrik Ibsens Gate 90,
0255 Oslo
NO: 998228379
+47 400 51 095
(Open 08:00-18:00 GMT+1)

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16 rue Maitre Albert
75005, Paris
SIRET 531 139 426 00013
+33 01 77 16 98 57
(Open 10:00-19:00 GMT+1)

Questions? Need some help? 

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